Kubu Terrace Cooking Class is one of the cooking class in Jatiluwih that will take you to know and see the UNESCO heritage rice terrace from the village and organic farm on the opposite side of the Jatiluwih center.

Our farm located approx 700 m on the southern part of the Jatiluwih center, away from the crowded and commercialism of the tourist in the middle of the rice paddies, the trip will take you through the local village community with short and easy tracking to reach our organic farm where you will get the authentic organic cooking experience

You’ll learn how to prepare a complete menu inclusive of appetizer, a variety of traditional mouth-watering entrees, accompanying dishes, and dessert. And rest assured; you will easily be able to duplicate your experience at home for your family and friends, while sharing photos and rekindling memories. We’ll even teach you how to make serving dishes and decorations out of banana leaves for a true Balinese gourmet meal learning experience.

Why Us..?

 Our farm grown organic   vegetable.

Experience authentic traditional Balinese cuisine

Get to know and see the local farmers’ activity


Non vegetarian menu :

– Kelor soup ( moringa soup )

– Sayur urab ( mix steamed vegetable with coconut sauce )

– Balinese chiken curry

– Tum Ayam ( steam chicken dumpling wrapped in banana leaf )

– Chicken sate lilit ( Balinese spiced ground chicken meat on lemongrass skewer)

– Sambal matah

– Godoh biu ( Balinese deep fried banana)

Vegetarian Menu :

– Kelor soup ( moringa soup )

– Gado – Gado ( stem mix vegetable with peanut sauce )

– Balinese Tofu and Tempe curry

– Tum Tofu ( steam tofu dumpling wrapped in banana leaf )

– Sambal matah

– Godoh biu ( Balinese deep fried banana )

Our Favorite Recipe

Sate Lilit Ayam

    Minced chicken, grated coconut, lemon grass drum stick for 2 portions

Ingredients :

    100grm chicken leg

    150grm chicken breast

    2 cups freshly grated coconut

    1/2 cup basic spice “BASE GEDE”

    5 fragrant lime leave shredded

    2 tsp palm sugar syrup

    1 tsp tamarind juice

    salt to taste

Method :

Combine minced chicken in a bowl and add another ingredients and mixed well.

Mound a heaped tablespoon of this mixture around over trimmed stalk of lemon grass or around a wooden skewered and grills over charcoal until golden brown.

serve with peanut sauce



PRICE : IDR 700.000


PRICE : IDR 850.000

(Tax & service, transport return, and entrance ticket to Jatiluwih are included.)